Pencil Sketch Set For Beginners Drawing Charcoal

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Pencil Sketch Set Beginner Adult Painting Charcoal Major Students Use Fine Art to Draw


Material: Wood

Specifications: 17.6 cm

Purpose: Brush

Shell material: wooden

Model: 39

Features: free cutting

Style: Triangle

Packing form: bulk

Print LOGO: Yes

Custom processing: Yes

Lead core hardness: HB

Contains: 24 drawing pencils (H/2H/3H/ 4H/ 5H/ 6H/HB/B/ 2B/ 3B/4B/5B/6B/7B/8B/9B/10B/11B/12B/13B/ 1 4B ), 3 carbon rods (soft/medium/hard), 3 carbon rods, 1 metal utility knife, 1 double-ended extension pen, 3 solid paper pens, 1 4B non-plastic rubber, 1 plastic rubber, 1 sandboard, 24-hole pen curtain

Package Content:

Pencil Sketch Set*1

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 0,50 kg
Größe 250 × 220 × 50 cm



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